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Alabama Rot

There is a lot of panic around about Alabama Rot, it’s scary so that is understandable but just to put things into perspective a little.

Hundreds of dogs are walked here in the New Forest on a daily basis. Alabama rot usually rears it’s extremely ugly head when it’s wet & we have had a lot of rain of late hence the outbreaks. (The outbreaks do happen all over the country)

As yet no real studies of the dogs have been done to show ages, the nutrition, general health etc. So out of the hundreds that walk daily why those dogs? it could come down to many things but impaired health, poor diet, genetics,could well factor in.

Ensure the dogs are not over-vaccinated or wormed , titre testing & wormcounts are available to check. Limit chemical exposure as much as is possible, our pets are very sensitive to them.

If they are immune compromised ensure fresh food is given & perhaps walk away from the forests in the wet weather to limit exposure as much as possible.

So for those of you worried right now here are some things you can do:

  • Rinse off the dogs after walks.
  • Go over them daily,check for scratches, lumps, brush, massage and smile
  • Feed quality fresh food,or add fresh food to the diet
  • Keep that immune system topped up with diet, exercise and love.
  • Lessen any stress (You and the dog )
  • If you want to go that extra mile but not getting overly worried spray or dip the pads with/in Colloidal Silver





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