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Did you survive Christmas?

Post Christmas feeding for your dog!

Did you make it unscathed from the holiday period? Who needed quiet time? Myself and one of the dogs did I can tell you!

Anybody eaten anything they should not have?  (I don’t mean the 5 roast potatoes & half a Christmas pudding for those of you two legged on a Keto diet!)  Here my girl ate the 2 ears off of another dogs toy, which produced interesting colours on the way out into the garden, and scoffed her brothers Boxing Day breakfast, but thankfully with no repercussions & totally normal for her.

Easter once was interesting with a friends dog, half an Easter cake, a loaf of bread and 2 dark chocolate eggs, little trip to the vet and thankfully no repercussions after a little empty tummy medicine. Silver foil and corn on the cob one Firework night did involve surgery for the same dog later in the year however.

Hopefully you didn’t need a vet visit after the dog ate a pile of goose fat that caused Pancreatitis or worse, and the mind wasn’t overworked or stressed causing Colitis type symptoms, but if you did read on.

If you feel a little more of a gentle diet is required for those who over indulged or ended up having to go to the vet after eating: a box of After Eights , cooked bones or the Christmas cake, we can show you how to take a step back and provide some calming food for our dogs.

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Be it raw or cooked a little plain turkey, white fish & green vegetables in smaller amounts can aid resting the gut a little. We add Milk Thistle at the change of season to a bland diet for a week or as needed as instructed by our holistic vet. Scrambled egg is another we give to some needing a little calm.

This is not balanced, nor will they suit all but are an example of how we give a few days of gentle food if needed.

Breakfast: Bone broth and scrambled egg with added parsley

Tea: Fresh sardines, cooked or as they come with little raw or flash fried turkey, gently cooked squash, kale or broccoli

Chamomile tea before bed will calm the tum and the mind.

We add Milk Thistle to the above but it’s not a deal breaker (please look up dosage for each pet).  We may add other herbs depending on the issue, generally we are gently cleansing as we go each day with our food rotations. Our own Foragers Digest is a fantastic helper for upset tums and reflux & lovely made as a tea.

If you would like a nutritional consultation catered to your dog for specific issues we can recommend a few professionals if you email us on

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