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Dogs with pancreatitis & feeding pancreas.

what do I feed a dog with pancreatitis, feeding raw, feeding pancreas
Feeding a dog who has pancreatitis:

What does the pancreas do?  The pancreas is the main digestive organ of the body. Whilst a small percentage of the pancreas produces hormones that regulate blood sugar; around 95% of it produces enzymes for digestion.

Enzyme functions:  Amylase digests carbohydrates ,  Lipase digests fat,  Protease digests protein.

pancreatitis, feeding dogs with pancreatitis, feeding raw pancreas

Feeding pancreas:  Feeding a little pancreas on occasion is a lovely thing for any dog.  However it is most commonly fed to dogs with pancreatitis, EPI, or frequent bouts of IBS, Colitis.

Once you have established dosage for your dog, and things are calm, the dose can often be lowered over time. It is very much down to the individual with regards to how quickly it can be reduced.  Pancreas is best fed at room temperature in my opinion so keeping the enzyme action stable.

Fresh pancreas can be chopped up or minced and added to food.  It can be chopped and put into ice cube trays or small bags to portion up, especially handy if another person is feeding for you.

Pancreas can be fed in fresh form from pig, beef or lamb, or in a dried supplement form. Dogs with sensitivities to these proteins can use certain mushroom blends which also contain Amylase, Lipase & protease, thefore doing a similar job.

This small gland organ is not freely available so sourcing is tricky at times & an alternative digestive enzyme stash is recommended for those who really need it.

I used to feed 50g of fresh pancreas to my 10kg pancreatic dog years ago, split between meals or given in one meal.

Green’s currently has pigs pancreas available in 500g bags.




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