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Flea and tick armour for this Spring and Summer

Natural Flea And Tick Treatments

It’s nearly Spring, that beautiful time of year when the days are longer and brighter, buds and leaves are growing & the soil is warming up. Unfortunately fleas & ticks come out to play as well!

Prevention is always better than cure

There will always be those dogs who are predisposed to picking up a little more than some, & cats are a whole different ball game! BUT it can all be managed without harsh chemicals more often than not.

Once a flea hops aboard and bites, the dog or cat will be itchy, and some will being allergic to the bites. A single flea can also then lay up to 50 eggs a day, which can drop onto nearby bedding, carpets and even cracks in floorboards. Flea larvae like dark places so will go under furniture, deep into carpets whilst becoming a pupae. The lifecycle can take as little as 2-3 weeks but can last up to 6 months or a year in perfect conditions. Breaking this cycle is the cure.

Here are our flea & tick preventatives, and some useful tips should you see the beasties

Our first point of call comes from within. Many have mentioned a well-known herbal addition to food, but we weren’t keen on it.  However, we are head over heels with Nature’s Bounty produced by Hedgerow Hounds since we first tried it.

Not only does it smell amazing, but we find it helpful to the coat in general, as well as repelling fleas & ticks. We use it in Spring & Summer and is our no1 MUST have for Spring & Summer & our dogs love it!

Don’t Bug Me spray, has been carefully blended alongside an aromatherapist, using pure organic ethically produced oils. As dogs do have sensitive noses we only use sparingly before a forest walk and never on cats or epileptics.

Amber collars are also worn during the spring and summer, which work by creating an electro-magnetic shock, and smell (Both only teeny tiny for ticks not us or the dogs).

Bio Spotix Spot-On for dogs & cats.

This is a 100% natural solution to efficiently protect your dog & cat from external parasites such as fleas, ticks, mosquitoes and lice; as well as preventing new infestation.

Biospotix breaks the respiratory system of the insect they are then repelled and eliminated naturally causing no side effects to the pet. This product is suitable for dogs over 3 months old. Biospotix contains the natural ingredient geraniol.

Use a Bio-Spotix Collar on dogs for added protection if preferred rather than an amber collar.

With the same ingredients; Biospotix Natural Dog Flea Repellent Collars are a natural and chemical free way to treat your Dog against not just Fleas, but Ticks and Mosquitoes also.

From our Fresh & Loose stand you will find Biogance’s Fleas Away Dog Shampoo. You can bring your own bottle/ jar, or purchase one in store to fill up on this is a neutral pH and paraben-free dog shampoo, formulated with 98% natural and organic ingredients. A gentle shampoo which cleanses and nourishes deeply while effectively combating harmful insects such as fleas, ticks and other external parasites.

BIOGANCE products are not tested on animals and are guaranteed to not contain parabens, phenoxyethanol or animal oils.

Tropiclean Flea & Tick spray is another alternative if the blighters are hopping on, kills on impact and suitable for both cat and dogs from the age of 12 weeks.

New to us in 2021 is the Animigo range. These products can all be used for cats & dogs, creating more choice for both species. In the range there is a flea and tick collar that lasts a whole 8 months, Flea & Tick Control spray that creates a little calm on already bitten skin but also kills fleas.  Lastly from Animigo we have the Defence powder that can be fed.

Our protocol if fleas are prevalent

Put dog shampoo on a dry dog & massage in well for a good few minutes, thereby smothering any itchy & scratchy critters. After the coat is dry you can use any one of the following to help go that extra mile: Colloidal Silver, diluted ACV, small amount of coconut oil.

Tropiclean spray for tpets, plus one for the home & bedding.

To be really sure we might also use DE (Diatomaceous earth) on bedding, floors, carpets, rugs and furniture.  Sprinkle carefully avoiding airways by wearing a mask and put your pets outside, leave for at least 4hous before vacuuming. (Ensuring pets don’t eat or lick it) Wash beds after this. Please follow guidelines for using DE safely to protect airways.This can all be done weekly.


  • Feed a fresh food diet: Available nutrition makes for easy digestion & a healthier dog long-term.
  • We add fresh garlic to the food, if you have a sensitive allergy prone dog or one with a compromised immune system it may not be for you and is controversial at best, so a little reading will help you decide if it is right for you & check dosage.
  • Don’t worry about hedgehog fleas, a quick bath and they will be gone as can only survive on hedgehogs. You might find a few hop on from others dogs but they soon hop off once they get a hint of all the goodness you have used inside & out to prevent them.
  • Enjoy your summer, knowing you have covered all bases, naturally.

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