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Help – Seasonal & Environmental Allergies

Seasonal Allergies

Food sensitivity can be aided working alongside a nutritionist, environmental allergies can be more problematic.

We do suggest working with a holistic veterinarian & a nutritionist to really get to grips with allergies, food or otherwise. Working with the immune system with professionals can mean all the difference to the pet & your pocket in the long-run.

Look into using Quercetin before Spring starts.

Whilst allergies are a complicated subject we would like to suggest some simple things you can do to support along the way. There isn’t a one size fits all & will involve some trial & error.

Start by using as natural cleaning products on the home as possible, Bio D is what we use & is available in store but there are many around. Or here is a homemade recipe for a general cleaner

Half cup white vinegar
Quarter of cup bicarb soda
2 litres water

Mix & add into a  spray bottle and use as needed. If you would like a scent add 5 tablespoon castile soap (Dr Bonners can be picked up in bulk offers) & 7 drops of  essential oils of either lemongrass/eucalyptus/lavender or orange.

Throw away all air fresheners & plug-ins, start to read ingredients. Many say pet safe but the ingredients are strong and harmful long-term. If you must use a carpet cleaner ensure the pet is out of the room as much as possible for the next week, new carpets and furniture can also bring on a flair due to the chemicals in the fabrics. Rugs can be hoovered and hung in the garden as much as possible. Get a good vacuum cleaner and hoover, hoover, hoover.

You will see a lot of shampoo aimed at itchy dogs that contain oats, if you have a dog with yeast issues the carbohydrate in the oats will feed the yeast, creating an even more itchier dog. The most gentle yet very effective shampoos we have found is SOS from Helios.

Aloe gel, either pure from a shop or a plant can be a help if really itchy or sore spots, as can green clay, Leucillin or Colloidal silver also. Calm Balm from Dermadog is really lovely and absolutely worth a try.

Check out our range of remedies HERE

There are many recipes around, here is one we like to use as a coat rinse and paw-soak after a walk or to spritz on the coat as needed.

Large handful of Thyme
400ml water just off the boil
Pour water on the Thyme, cover and leave for half an hour & use when cool

Use as a rinse or paw soak.

Halve the mixture and add one cup of apple cider vinegar with the mother to half. Use this the same but see which mix works best. 

Other herbs that can be used instead: Nettle, (cooled nettle tea or fresh) Chickweed, Cleavers, Rosemary.

Soaking a cool coat in one of the mixtures is a handy thing also in the heat.

Keep chemical exposure to a minimum. Flea & Tick prevention can be given naturally, there is plenty around so no need for the harsh chemicals which themselves have been known to contribute to itching & give the immune system a battering.

Keep walks to when pollen is down, drive to the beach if able.

Allergies can be changed over time so don’t give up & hopefully some of these tips will give some respite.



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