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Separation Anxiety During Lockdown

lockdown calm dog

This lockdown has seen even more puppies. We aren’t trainers or behaviourists but have both had  rescue dogs with separation anxiety and other severe issues, and have had to work really hard over the years, to help our dogs conquer their fears. Luckily we have had some great people helping us. Here is what worked for us.

Preventing or helping separation anxiety in pups & older dogs is easier when you are at home believe it or not. It is easier to be more consistent with training when you are present.

Start by very short times away from your pup or dog.  As short as going out of a room and back again, gradually building up to a minute and longer, shutting the toilet door when you go in, or walking down the driveway and back. Go slow but make it a daily training exercise. 

Snuffle mats, lick it mats and scentwork can help create a little more calm, letting the dog work its nose before doing any separation training.

Lockdown Livercake

450g Lambs liver

1 parsnip

5 tablespoons chopped flat leaf parsley

2 eggs

Half cup gram flour (or enough to bind the mixture together)

2 tablespoons coconut flour (optional) 

Optional extras: choose 1

Grated fresh turmeric

Grated fennel or teaspoon powdered 

Teaspoon powdered fenugreek.

Mix all ingredients in a mixer/blender, spread on-to greased baking sheet roughly 1inch thick & bake at 170 around 20 minutes until knife comes out clean.

Cool and use chopped/crumbled for training and scent games.

Foods to calm

A meaty bone is a great thing for a dog, ensure it is a size that is appropriate for your dog & supervise never leave them to eat a raw bone if you are going out. Not only does a raw meaty bone clean teeth but it can be calming and is the most natural behaviour for a cat or dog.

Ensure a few portions of oily fish a week, sardines, sprats, mackerel & herring are wonderful and can help lower adrenaline levels.

Blueberries or blueberry powder provide beautiful antioxidants to the diet which will help support the body during times of stress.

A little turkey & some crushed pumpkin seeds contain L-Tryptophan which can help with a calmer, happier dog. L-Tryptophan helps with sleep and the feel good factor, which is why we all sit around after a turkey dinner needing a nap!

Chamomile tea with full fat goats milk.

Use these foods to enrich the brain & help promote some inner calmness.

Ensure you are also getting some calm, sit and massage the dog gently, sit together and relax.

Balance of alone time and togetherness can help create less neediness allround.

Lockdown calming recipe.

This isn’t balanced or micromanaged, just a comforting recipe for your dog.

Turkey chunks or mince, whatever your dog prefers.

Little spinach

Tablespoon Fresh blueberries or half teaspoon blueberry powder

Fresh sardine or half tin sardines in water

Tablespoon cooked sweet potato

Quarter teaspoon crushed pumpkin seeds.

Can be lightly flash fried if using mince with bone or given raw, cooked or raw if chunks. 

Use the dogs daily food allowance amount for the mea & fish.

IF the dog cannot eat oily fish use Algae oil instead.

Optional extra is a little warmed full fat goats milk on top.

Appropriate food, treats and consistency will win the day. 



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