Cedarcide Original Natural Biting Insect Spray 250mls / 500mls



Cedarcide Original is ideal for pest control, moths, flea, tick, ants, and other insects. Gives protection, and staying bite-free in the outdoors. Designed for People, Pets, and Home.

Cedar- Dehydrates, Disrupts Pheromones, Suffocates and Emulsifies most insects in all stages of life, from egg, larvea to adults stages.

Ready-to-use spray. Dries quickly and will not stain.

Fresh cedar scent – From the Red Cedar Tree.

There are certain scents that insects hate, and that is cedar.

TIP: Try using Cedarcide on a bandanna to create a natural flea collar by adding a few drops of Cedarcide Original.

Great for cats and dogs.

NOT FOR USE on Bees /hives or Birds and very small animals.

Cedarcide Original is a safe, all natural, non-toxic insecticide made in the USA.

Cedarcide Original is a versatile cedar-based solution that is fast and effective on everything from general insect control to major infestations.

Cedarcide Original’s quick-drying, non-staining formula makes it great for personal, pet and home use. It’s safe for people and pets of all ages, and can be applied directly to the skin as a repellent.

Cedarcide Original kills and repels fleas, ticks, mosquitoes, bed bugs, mites, chiggers, ants, flies, moths and more.

Eco-friendly. Safe for children and pets

Both lab and real world tested. Free From SLS or parabens


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Made from all-natural cedar 10%, cedar oil in 90% silica oil, Cedar Oil

Texas Cedarwood Oil is the naturally occurring essential oil from the wood of the native Texas Cedar ( Juniperus Mexicana) . The oil is recovered through the physical separation process of partial pressure steam distillation . No additives, solvents or chemicals are used at any point of the recovery process.

Cedarcide Original is a safe, all natural, non-toxic insecticide made in the USA.

Made from 100% natural ingredients