Chill Out Ice Bandana


  • This is a great way to protect dogs from heat stroke
  • Easy to use – just soak the bandana in water, and place around the dog
  • See full description for sizing

Earn up to 10 Points.


The All For Paws Chill Out Ice Bandana is a great way to protect your dog from heat stroke and the stylish splash design means they’ll look cute at the same time!

It is easy to use, simply soak in water and place around your dogs neck. The special cooling technologies within the bandana will help keep your dog cool, it feels comfortable and is non-toxic.

Includes velcro fastening for each of use and comes in four sizes for a comfortable fit.

This is a great way to protect dogs from heat stroke

What size does my dog need?
Size Neck circumference
S 30 – 36 cm
M 38 – 46 cm
L 44 – 52 cm
XL 53 – 62 cm

To check whether or not the AFP Chill Out Bandana fits your pet, you can take the item out of the package and hold it up next to your pet. This will allow you to see whether or not it fits. For hygienic reasons, this item cannot be returned if it has been in direct contact with your pet. Should we conclude that the bandana is stained, has been worn, is covered in hair, smells bad or has been washed once the item is shipped back to us, it will not be returned to you. In this case, the item will be given to a local charity. Unfortunately, we have to apply these rules as we have been  confronted with products that have been returned in a used condition.

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