Colloidal Silver 100ml in glass bottle with spray


One size- 100ml glass  Amber spray bottle

This CS contains 14,000 ug/


True Amber Silver that has been tested by Eurofin Labs & assessed by Plymouth University.

Vegan friendly, not tested on animals.

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It was used widely in the world of medicine up until the 1940’s when penicillin became fashionable and colloidal silver went out of fashion . We now know that the overuse of antibiotics can cause problems and so colloidal silver has started to become fashionable again. It is used in medicine now to treat burns and scalds and elastoplast have added it to some of their plasters to aid with healing.

We have had great feedback from a lot of customers who use this to treat the symptoms of hayfever without the need for antihistamines that suppress the immune system causing more problems. Sprayed onto the eyes and nose giving instant and lasting relief

Due to new label laws we are unable to give specific information on how to use CS. I will say I have used it for many years on the pony, dogs, cats, and us humans when needed. There is lots of information online on dosage and how to use guides.