LUCAA+ Dog Ear Spray – 100ml Push Spray


Our Ear Spray for Dogs Reduces Bad Bacteria in the Ear

LUCAA+ Probiotic Pet Ear Care is an easy to use smart spray that cleans the inner ear thoroughly and gently. The spray is enriched with beneficial ‘good’ probiotic bacteria, naturally sourced from plants.

These helpful probiotics restore healthy microbial balance to the ear canal. They inhibit the growth of harmful bacteria and reduce the risk of infections.

Probiotics also reduce inflammation and allergic reactions, organic dirt and ear wax. As a result, your pet feels more comfortable.

LUCAA+ Probiotic Pet Ear Care works in a safe, mechanical way. In other words, it works in a way that does not cause antimicrobial resistance and can help to reduce antibiotic use.

  • Naturally inhibits pathogenic bacteria that cause infections.
  • Safely cleans the inner ear at a microbial level.
  • Vegan, naturally sourced from plants and chemical-free.

Alleviates Itching Caused by Ear Mites

Ear infections can be a recurring problem for cats and dogs. Dirty internal and external auditory canals will often look red and may have an unpleasant odour.

An infection that is not treated in good time can lead to serious consequences such as deafness. Prevention is better than cure.

Our Ear Spray for Dogs also works as an Ear Spray for Cats. If you have a cat and a dog, you can use this product for both your pets.

Ear mites are a common parasite and the primary cause of these infections. They live in ear wax and their faeces can cause intense, uncomfortable itching.

The helpful probiotics in LUCAA+ Probiotic Pet Ear Care alleviate this irritation by depriving the ear mites of food, which reduces their numbers, and by consuming their faeces, which causes the irritation.

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Use two to four times a week depending on the animal’s condition. Shake before use. Spray around and into the ear canal. Wait for approximately five minutes then remove the loosened debris with a soft cloth. Never clean the ear canal with cotton buds as this can cause serious harm.

  • Water
  • Plant-Based Probiotic Bacteria (Auto-Active Microorganisms)
  • Odour Eliminator
  • Surfactant
  • pH Stabiliser

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