Probiotic Universal Cleaner Concentrate


One litre makes up to 200 trigger spray 500ml bottles, at a cost of only 7.5p (incl. VAT) per bottle.

The Best Universal Cleaner Solution – It Cleans More than Just Visible Dirt!

EVAA Probiotic cleaner concentrate is a highly effective, safer and responsible alternative to synthetic and chemical cleaning agents for cleaning hard surfaces. It is enriched with beneficial, ‘good’ (probiotic) bacteria, naturally sourced from plants. These helpful probiotics clean more than just visible dirt: they inhibit potentially harmful bacteria that cause infections and restore a healthy microbial balance. Unlike traditional products, this mechanical action continues to work after application, so results are longer lasting. Regularly cleaning with EVAA+ Probiotic Universal Cleaner creates a balanced and healthier indoor environment at a microbial level. This universal cleaner liquid is ideal for many uses – general cleaning as well as cleaning your car, patios and outdoor furniture. The concentrated formula is economical as well as eco-friendly. One litre makes up to 200 trigger spray 500ml bottles, at a cost of only 7.5p per bottle.

  • Vegan
  • Ecocert Green life certified for sustainability
  • Reduces the transmission of infections
  • Removes mould and bio-allergens
  • Reduces antimicrobial resistance
  • Removes unpleasant odours and has a fresh mint aroma

Safe for Cleaning Operatives and the Environment

EVAA+ Probiotic Universal Cleaner Concentrate also reduces mould and bio-allergens, including dander, dust mite faeces and pollen, as well as organic waste. This helps to reduce skin and respiratory allergy symptoms. It also eliminates the root causes of unpleasant bio-odours, which removes the need for polluting air fresheners to mask smells. EVAA+ Probiotic Universal Cleaner is safer for the person doing the cleaning operatives and for the environment. All ingredients are naturally sourced, free from harmful chemicals, non-polluting, non-irritating, hypoallergenic and quickly biodegradable. Unlike chemical cleaners, it works in a mechanical way that reduces antimicrobial resistance. It’s an eco-friendly universal cleaner that really works!

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For best results, simply refill your 500ml EVVA +probiotic Universal cleaner trigger spray  (or use your own bottle). Shake the concentrate bottle before use. Fill the clean, empty spray bottle with fresh, clean hand warm tap water. Add 5ml (half a capful) of concentrate.  Close the bottle and shake briefly. Spray lightly onto a clean microfibre cloth and wipe the surfaces.

Spray directly into inaccessible areas – the natural capillary action of the water combines with the movement of the probiotics to reach and clean hard to reach areas. Alternatively, add 50 to 100ml of thr cleaner 10 litres of fresh, hand warm tap water.

  • Use the refilled bottle within 3 months to maintain optimum effectiveness of the probiotics.
  • Store out of sunlight (especially if using see through bottles) and at a temperature between 10 – 30o
  • Use the concentrate bottle within six months after opening.


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