Towel-Off Pet Shampoo


Nilaqua is a revolution in pet hygiene! Completely stress-free for both you and your dog. This is not a dry shampoo, but a deep cleansing and kind solution that leaves fur beautifully soft and clean. Just apply to the coat, massage to a lather and towel dry. No more mess to clean up, no getting soaked trying to keep your dog in the bath, and no more wet walls after your dog shakes itself dry. You can also use the Towel Off Technology pet shampoo for spot-cleaning muddy paws and specific areas when your dog has rolled in something nasty! Plus it’s suitable for horses, rabbits, guinea pigs and even cats! Ideal for keeping in the car or before walking mud through the house.

Earn up to 6 Points.


No additional water or rinsing required
Deep cleansing to easily remove fox mess and mud
No animal distress or dirty bath to clean
Apply to the coat, work to a lather & towel dry
The scents are Mulberry and Coconut

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