Utterlicious Iced Treats – Organic Chicken and Honey Kefir


Just in time for the coming warm summer days, Utterlicious iced treats are cooling and healthy for your canine sidekick!

Iced treats are made with bone broth and organic kefir, and come in five exciting flavours! Full of natural probiotics, each 120ml tub is packed with locally sourced and organic ingredients, carefully chosen to provide an exciting and healthy treat for all dogs, big and small!

Minimum order of all frozen food for national courier delivery is 7kg to avoid defrosting in transit.

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Chicken, Garlic and Honey

Composition – Crude protein 4.2% Crude fibre 0.3% Moisture 90.1% Ash 0.5% Total oil (oil b) 2.02%.

Ingredients – 50% organic cows milk kefir, 48% chicken bone broth (derived from free range chicken bones and reverse osmosis water) 1% honey, 0.5% garlic, 0.5% apple cider vinegar.

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