Wellness One – Daily Supplement


  • A mix of super nutrients, packed heavily with Organic Moringa  & carefully selected other wonders such as Seagreens & Fennel.
  • Suitable as a nutrient top up for dogs from 3 months of age

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Containing over 90 essential nutrients, Vitamins, antioxidents & amino acids.

Kind to blood sugar levels, thyroid & well documented for it’s anti-inflammatory properties.

Moringa packs a nutritional punch.


Circulatory system, heart & eye health, healthy digestion


Gentle cleansing action containing Vit C & Chlorophyl


Fussy dogs, digestive settler

Mushroom Complex

Digestive health & longevity


Lymphatic tonic & kind to skin


Harvested & produced in Scotland, in line with EU and USA Organic Standards. Nothing is added to and nothing extracted from the sustainably harvested, pure air-dried seaweed. Added for all round vitality & oral health.

Flax for healthy skin & digestive health