Let the pup be a guide, get to know him or her…

If you are lucky enough to have a raw fed puppy coming to you then chances are he or she would have already eaten a few different proteins, and you can carry on and follow the breeder’s guidelines.

If not then a slower start is needed by giving just one protein over a 3 or 4 day period, before adding in another in a small amount until the pup had had a variety.  If new to raw feeding wait two or three weeks before slowly introducing offal a little at a time. Tripe is often called the wonder food, it is full of natural enzymes and pre and probiotics essential for health & lovely once a pup is used to it,  feed 2/3 times a week.

I personally do not feed beef until over a year as it can sometimes be one to bring on sensitivities.

As a guide feed 3% of the ADULT weight of the breed, or size of dog. Let the pup’s weight be a guide as all are different as they may need more or less, especially those who are growing in spurts..

Pups can start off 3 or 4 meals a day until around 24 weeks, but this will differ; some will need longer whilst others will drop meals by themselves.

Raw goat’s milk in a little mince & egg is also a lovely meal for a pup.

Pups & Bones
I always smash up a chicken wing (larger than the pups jaw) and sit and hold it for them; larger dogs may need a neck or carcass. Most pups generally want to be left alone, but if you need to take a bone off a pup or any dog, always swap with something tasty to prevent guarding issues even starting.
Let the pup be a guide, get to know him or her , what is the normal rate of breathing, colour of the gums, watch the weight & adjust accordingly rather than get hung up on charts, know your dog.