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Benefits Of Raw Food For Dogs

New and ongoing research is showing that feeding pets a fresh food or raw food diet is highly beneficial. Replacements for highly processed foods such as kibble, packet and tinned food is a growing market. Raw pet food sees dogs offered a varied diet of raw meat, fish, bones, vegetables & herbs on rotation, giving them a good nutritional base for a healthy immune system.

20% of dog owners are now choosing to feed a raw diet. The raw dog food market has shown a rapid growth in the UK. We only see this increasing over the years to come.

Unfortunately, commercially produced dog food does not always contain much meat, even when advertised, and the quality is likely to be poor, meaning that the nutritional value is not really what we would want for our best friends.

You can change the diet of any age dog, so even puppies and older rescue dogs can benefit from the goodness that raw feeding offers.

The Benefits Of Raw Dog Food

As already mentioned, a robust immune system is one of the many benefits of raw feeding. Bones must only ever be fed raw, never cooked. A raw chicken wing, for example, make a great treat, be sure to feed bones larger than the jaw for safety. Raw feeding can aid dental health for dogs. Commercial feeding highly processed foods such as kibble has created a massive dental problem in the UK, and raw can help prevent that. Overall, because it is a more natural feeding routine, every aspect of your dog’s health can be positively impacted. A raw fed dog can be calmer, happier dog on the whole.

Which Raw Dog Food Is Best?

Finding the best raw dog food is a personal journey. You will find that there are likely to be raw food for dogs delivered in your area from online shops, or you can purchase it from many pet stores. The easiest and safest way to store raw dog food is in the freezer, and many owners who transition to raw feeding end up getting a dedicated freezer. Most delivery companies will have a minimum order value, so it makes sense to take advantage of this and provide appropriate storage. Please follow the link below to view our products.

Raw Food For Dogs Near Me

If you want to switch your dog over to raw feeding, it is worth doing some research. An online raw food for dog’s calculator (see link below) will help you determine the correct amount and ratio for your pet’s size, breed, and age. You can build the components yourself or speak with raw food for dog suppliers who have deals available. It is not good enough to feed your dog on meat alone; you do need to strike a balance with veggies, fruit, and supplements to ensure a well-structured diet so that you see all of the benefits.

Raw Dog Food For Puppies

The best UK raw dog food can be introduced at the weaning stage of a puppy’s life and can include a balance of raw meat, fruit and vegetables and supplements containing superfoods. If you welcome a pup into your home that has not been raw fed before, you can still make the switch early on.

With a healthy puppy we would do a straight swap to raw food, starting with a single protein such as turkey. There are many brands that offer raw dog food especially for puppies.



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