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Green’s Free Range Raw Dog food, in compostable packaging.

Greens Own Brand in Eco Packaging

FINALLY, Greens free range brand is back in business. We have three flavours to start with, and more to follow shortly.

The taste testers were busy in 2018, and 2019 is set to be a record year for them, they never complain, I don’t know how they do it!

The criteria for Greens food has always been Free Range, Grass fed, British animals with the highest welfare standards. This will ensure we can feed the highest quality food obtainable.

Our veterinarian Susan Andresier BVetMed LFHom (vet) MRCVS has given her approval to our proteins as well as Greens seasonal vegetable & herbal mixes. Susan is passionate about preventing disease & knows a good quality fresh diet is where it starts. Susan is a referral veterinarian & runs her own practise in Hampshire called Accupaws.

Our packaging has been a labour of love, many tried, many failed! We are trying to be as ecologically friendly and minimalist as we can get within DEFRA guidelines.

A little about the first three…

Naked Turkey

Our Turkey is Free Range & not fed any grain. They live on a natural seasonal foraged diet of grasses, insects, nettles & berries. Our turkey lives a longer more natural life.

The Omega 3 is higher in a naturally fed turkey. A good quality protein with high levels of B6, niacin and also contains zinc, potassium, phosphorus & iron.

We have left out the offal to make this a gentle introduction to a fresh raw diet or for those who need a more gentle mix.

Ox & Turkey 80-10-10

Free range turkey with Ox heart, trim, liver and kidney.

Free Range cows, and naturally fed grain free Turkey, make this a yummy addition to our range. Heart is similar to other muscle meat but much denser in its nutrient profile. Collagen levels are higher in heart than other meat which can have a positive impact on skin and joints. Heart contains a highly concentrated source of CoQ10 which is necessary for the functioning of cells, particularly the heart. It also contains Phosphorus, zinc, those lovely essential amino acids.

Forest & Farm 80-10-10

Venison, Ox Heart, Lamb Tripe with Ox trim, bone kidney and liver

Our Forest & Farm contains Wild Venison, grass fed Ox, Lambs tripe.  Ox trim, bone, kidney & liver to make up a chunky carefully balanced 80-10-10 mix.

Venison is similar to Beef in it’s make up but with more vitamins & minerals. Containing a good amount of B vitamins, Riboflavin & Niacin. Also L-Cartinine which often helps dogs with heart disease but can also be of great assistance to those dogs who find it hard to lose weight.


Tripe maybe a stinker but it can contain digestive enzymes, essential fatty acids and really helps some fussy pups try new things

Add our seasonal vegetable & herbal mix for a complete meal tailored to the individual & plenty of happy lick smacking. These are made in small batches & are extremely popular.

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