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What’s Next For Green’s

Green's New Shop, New Milton

New Greens Raw Pet Food premises now open……….So what’s Next?

So here we are, a million miles away from our first portacabin. (Ok around 3 but who is counting?)

A huge THANK YOU to all who came to our opening celebration day on 1st June, it was enjoyed by all, and we felt very supported. Mucho cake & bubbly was consumed, dogs were treated to a body conditioning check by Gill Hornsby of  Great & Small Canine Massage & Core Conditioning & we had a full happy house. So busy were we that there really aren’t many photo’s sadly.

What do we offer? We have a wide range of fresh food to choose from; currently frozen raw but soon also cooked options will be available.

Along with our food we have a large range of natural treats & supplements. The supplements cover the whole dog, from algae oil to natural flea, tick & worming products.  We really do cover the whole pet. Over time you will see even more choice, out taste testers are already trying out new brands of food and we are on the search for the best quality products we can source.

Have you ever wondered why a dog might choose to eat certain grasses & herbs in the forest or are drawn to some smells and walk away from others? Some may have anxieties, be fearful, have lumps & bumps or another health issue, or if you are lucky may just be a senior. The Botanical Self Healing workshops are a fascinating way to learn how to spot what’s needed & let the dog be the guide, thus creating more communication between dog & human. We are excited to be able to offer Rachel Windsor-Knotts workshop, speaking from experience Rachel makes it such a fun, informative & quite special day.

We are also lucky to be able to offer a regular Clinical Canine Massage Therapy from Gill Hornsby of  Great & Small Canine Massage & Core Conditioning.

Any dog can benefit but especially those experiencing lameness, stiffness, reluctance to be touched due to injury, nibbling at limbs, anxiety etc. Results can be seen in just 3 sessions.

Available to book now:

We are currently putting together the following:

  • Nutritional workshops & talks
  • Titre testing
  • Cooking for dogs demos
  • Bowen therapy
  • Ultrasonic teeth cleaning clinic
  • First aid workshops for pet owners & professionals
  • Thermal Imaging clinics
  • Talks & workshops by other canine professionals.
  • We have a Holistic veterinary clinic starting offering clinics, acupuncture, herbs & homeopathy with registered veterinarians. Details to follow.

If there is anything that you would like to see please let us know.

Some photos of our store in New Milton



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